Attorneys At Law

The law firm of Babanikas, Ziedman & King, P.C. has been advocating for the rights of accident victims for more than twenty years. Since 1991, we have built a reputation as aggressive trial attorneys who are thorough in our preparation and vigorous in our representation. We have a proven track record of successful verdicts and settlements that have provided just and rightful recoveries for our clients in cases involving auto accidents, construction site accidents, work-related accidents, products liability, medical malpractice, as well as other types of injury cases. Additionally, we concentrate and afford legal assistance to our clients in the matters of: wills, estates and trusts, probate, social security, criminal and business litigation. We also provide insurance defense to various insurance companies and private individuals in tort and workers’ compensation cases.

Our diverse and talented group of experienced attorneys understands the hardship that a serious injury or accident can have on individuals and their families. Aside from the immediate financial concerns posed by loss of income and mounting medical bills, you may be challenged by physical pain and emotional distress. Mindful of such challenges, we will utilize our extensive legal knowledge and experience and be committed in achieving the best possible outcome for you. Whether through our skillful settlement negotiations or zealous representation at a mediation, arbitration or trials in the courtroom, we have achieved numerous favorable verdicts and settlements, some of which have been in the multimillion dollar range ultimately achieving just compensation and closure for our clients.

We have offices conveniently located in Brockton and New Bedford serving all of Massachusetts and neighboring states. Our initial consultation is always free and in most personal injury cases, you do not have to worry about paying legal fees and expenses. We collect our fee only if we are successful in obtaining result for you. Our attorneys speak English, Spanish, French, Greek and Polish and we are able to provide interpreters for other languages as well. If you, or someone you know, has suffered an injury as a result of an accident, contact us at Babanikas, Ziedman & King, P.C. to assist you.